what makes us old 

Generally speaking

Anti-aging has always been a topic of interest for me, especially since I'm not twenty anymore, also because it's health and beauty related. I've been reading massively on the topic, and I'll try to summarize a bit on my blog here. 

First of all, in order to know how we can stay young, we need to know what makes us get old?

We all know in the past century, the human life span doubled in most countries and is still getting longer with each passing day. Most people would like to conserve a young body and their quality of life with aging. Nobody would like to live a miserable long life just to suffer each and every day or be a burden to the rest of the society. 

The different aspects of againg: psychologically, emotionally, physically and biologically, etc.  I will start by the biological and physical aspects

Biologically speaking, what makes us old -Telemere &Telemerase

Biologically speaking, the major factor that makes us age is cell renewal. Because the length of the telomere is most human cellls get shorter with every cell division and that's why cells can only divide a limited amount of times. However in blood cells, reproduction cells and stem cells, there is the enzyme TELOMERASE, which allows the telomere to regenerate with cell division, thus the life span of the cell is no longer limited to the length of the telomere. 

Obster Cells

Stem Cells

Physically speaking- cell oxydation & aging

Cell Oxydation Skin and Teeth