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  • French villages

    Well, Fontainebleau is in every travel books about France. Near Fontainebleau, there is a small tiny byut exquisite village called Barbizon. Barbizon has art galeries, refined culinary services, cobble-stone paved winding streets, several luxury hotels. From all this "civilization", nature is just at finger tips. If you walk down the main street of...


  • Beautiful places I didn't visit

    The second image is a tropical tree called Wheki, the first and last images are about Kuirao Park. Not only I like writing blogs, I also like to enjoy other people's blogs, especially those with beautiful pictures. The first one is about New Zealand. I have heard many things about it over the years, for exemple, it has elected its first woman prime minister, where policemen...


  • ou courir à Paris

    où courir à Paris
    Donc, ou on peut courir à Paris ? A part les parcs comme le Jardin de Luxembourg, Parc Monceau, Parc André Citoyen, Les Jardins des Tuileries, Bois de Boulogne, etc. Voici une liste d'endroits ou on peut courir à Paris .
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