International Marketing&Sourcing Club 

 Tesha Jie International&Digital Marketing&Sourcing club

Course 1: Social Media Well-Being Meditation
50/month500/ year one term payment
  • Exclusive meditation materials (image, audio, videos)
  • Social Media Anxiety Meditation
  • Social Media Conflict Meditation
  • Popularity/unpopularity psychology meditation
  • Content Psychology Strategy
  • Follower Meditation
  • Branding Strategy meditation
  • ......
Marketing& Sourcing ClubAnnual Membership
100/ month1000/ year one term payment 180/month 2 courses included1800/ year 2 courses included
  • Besides the 2 courses, this membership will give you illimit support from me on any marketing and sourcing related subjects. I'll get to know your business or personal brand and give you direct help. For the time being, it's just my marketing service, I'll see how it evolves, I may organize real or virtual events for members to socialize with each other!  
Course 2: Cross-cultural Marketing and Branding
50/ mois500/year
  • Culture(s)
  • Content
  • Creativity
  • Brand Expansion
  • Audience Connection
  • Cross Gender
  • Cross-racial
  • Communications
  • Universal "language(s)"
  • ...

Tesha Jie International Digital Marketing & Sourcing club:

I've been writing my blog and do the translation and digital marketing work (social media marketing, digital ads and brand building, speech writing, etc.) seperately. I've been thinking about it day and night for a long time now as to how to combine all my skills into one commercial offer. So, I guess I finally found it, with this membership marketing& sourcing club, it blends in my lingusitic, cultural, marketing, writing, blogging skills all together and above all, the creative and intuive me for meditation. What I love most is to hear about other people's stories and help them and my blog is a lot of me! This membership club is all about you! I'll listen to you telling me about your business, support, advise and assit you, whether you want to find clients, patients(for doctors), sell your products, source the right people, factories, etc.,  to collaborate, in another country or just next door, or you need some support in your social media endeavors, be it technical or mental or psychological, or build your social media presence in another lauguage or another country! In addition to that, I'll occasionally help market your products, services directly! I'll probably organize events for members to socialize let's see how things evolve. 

Or you are welcome to only take both or one of the courses "Social Media Well-Being meditation" and "Cross-cultural marketing and branding" that go with the subscription. They'll start September, 2020 and it's on-going 20 sessions for a year. You are welcome to register in the summer and/or tell me which particular subject you would like the most, a particular international or cross-cultural, gender, racial (...) experience that you've been wonder how to deal with