Most Common Essential Oils for after Sport

Camphorated Rosemary, Wintergreen, pepermint oils

wintergreen plant

I'll talk about the oils or gels for pre-sport another day! These three oils are well-known, I suppose everyone knows that the camphorated rosemary and wintergreen (Gaulteria) oils give you a hot sensation and the pepermint oil makes you feel as if a million sparkles of ice breaking on your skin...Usually I would use the Wintergreen and Camphorated rosemary oils mixed into a base vegetable oil, such as argan, sweet almond, jojoba or cocconut oils, if during sport I solicitated a lot of my old joints or generally in winter. If I only did long hours of swimming, I can feel that my muscles are hot and I need to cool them down, I would use the pepermint one mixed with the same vegetable oils. Today after sport, I put drops of all three oils into a hydration body lotion and I shook all over, haha, I don't know if everyone would love this sensation!