Knitting and Meditation

Knitting and meditation 

Knitting and meditation, weight loss and writing 

Well, you wonder about the link right ? 

I know most people think knitting in today’s world sounds like losing time, well I don’t disagree, there’s very little money added value in knitting! It’s just like cooking, you can get the end result really easy by buying, but it’s the process that would let you achieve the side or maybe main benefits: not only did I “lose” time knitting, I also lost  something else: weight ! It’s a simple activity, but it’s still a process of creation! We can even weave dreams, magic and luck into knitting... 

Human beings have the need to go back to  source to find a sense of well-being, like cooking, or touching the fabrics of the clothes, printed books, re-discovering the senses that lots of people have ignored working routinely in front of screens, in a digitized and immaterialized world 


Basic things in life , such as cooking or knitting or some Japanese businessmen would use cleaning to de-stress … think of all the energy wasted in the gym, 45 mins in the gym is equivalent to cleaning up 45 mins… The thing is about cooking is the more  you cook , the more you eat, even low calorie foods can add to your waistline, however knitting can increase our patience and even men can pick it up , it absolutely doesn’t diminish masculinity, on the contrary, some pro athletes, stock traders and surgeons all use knitting to train themselves mentally!

  • to start with , I would think it’s better to knit something small and easy to finish , because the emotional benefit isn’t only in the process , it’s in the end also, you would love to see a piece of finished work, like I’m so happy I just finished a pair of green mitaines and I can actually wear them! 

  • Count a lucky number, ex: I counted 58 needle points for my green mitaine , in Chinese 8 means prosperity, 5 means “I” 

  • As you knit, you can repeat a mantra if you want, visualize something you want to materialize into your life, etc. 

  • See and feel yourself in the ideal body you want to get or get back into, drifting away from the temptation of that box of chocolate, biscuits, yogurt , juice whatever it can be! 

  • It opens up the door of creativity, I actually thought up the whole summaries of my novels and essay collections while knitting , of course also on what to write in this article, then I alternate writing and knitting …I find it much easier to write this way because my brain waves stay set on the creative zone! 

  • A side benefit is that after sitting and knitting for a while, the back pressure became so uncomfortable I’ll get up exercise 

I guess everyone has their own thing to go back to source, to the basic things in life , it can be cooking , gardening , knitting , making jewelries or furnitures, drawing etc