How to take care of your hair without hairdressers

How to take care your hair without hairdressers

great hair without hairdressers
How to take care of your hair without hairdressers 

I know the subject seems vain knowing many people are struggling for their life at the moment, but I remember a few years ago after I had an operation, how good it felt being able to clean my hair again, or how the first bowl of soup tasted delicious after days on intravenous feed...Basic aesthetics isn't nothing, it helps the ill and wounded keep some human dignity, and of course the healthy people living happily and feel good! 

It's not a problem for me not to have a hairdresser, I think my hair is better off without them! And I believe the old adage: one can never be served better but by oneself! That said I know some people really need them to get their hair colored, cut, to look professional for their conference calls or for ones who still need to work outside, in order to look human and civilized after all! 

Here are a few tips that I can think of and I hope they help somehow 

-If you want to color your hair but have never done it in your life, start with a simple shampoo coloring product, and if you hesitate on 2 colors, choose the lighter one! 

-If you are a man and need a haircut, the easiest way you can do it yourself is to take a razor and shave off the same length evenly on every hair, that way you’ll be able to keep the same style of your last haircut by the hairdresser! 

-If you can wait for coloring and cut, in order to keep your longer hair well nourished and easy to style, you can use overnight hair masks, it can be any one of them that you can find doing your groceries! Or you can put simply olive oil or mayonnaise on it!

-The last tip for those of you that have an impromptu conference call and your hair looks hilarious, you can choose to disguise them! Put on a hat, a hairband, eye-glasses over your head to serve as a hairband, a scarf or if you had one, an antivirus overall gear! Haha just kidding for the last one

Well, stay healthy with great looking hair