Creative meditation notion 

meditation, hopnosis, Shamanism, prayer, love, etc. 


Well, I think mediation, hysposis, Shamanism, prayers, or even some times love, basically work the same way, it's to access the subconscious mind and change how you feel.  There are different ways to get into TRANCE or when your brainwaves are in Theta, or whatever they call it, or however, or whichever they use to get you into that state of mind, what I feel is just before you fall asleep, somewhat in between awakeness and sleep, when the part of your brain is most receptive. Some people are more easy to be induced to this TRANCE state, some people are not.  When the brain is in this receptive mode, I feel like depending what kind of messages get to me, or what kind of past unsettled feelings, etc. are running through my mind, it changes how I feel for a long time. I like meditating using creative scenarios, do some clean-disk on my mind sometimes. Here I'll just write down some of them, maybe I'll make some audio or video recordings of them in the future. 

 Script 1 Anti-loneliness meditation script