Arch-hand salute and Cup-fist Salute

Arch hand salute and Cup fist salute

The arched hands are slightly curved, overlapping each other on the chest level or somewhere between your chest and below your chin, forming an "arched shape". You can really use one hand to hold the other or just make the gesture of holding each other.

Arch hand greeting is a traditional etiquette in China. It is commonly used in ancient and modern times, for congratulations, celebrations, and New Years, etc. It dates back to three thousand years ago to greet peers and equals in social situations. We need to note the differences between men and women.

The standard arch hand salute posture is to make a fist with his right hand and then wrap it with his left hand, since usually the right hand is the attacking hand, fold it up is  to show goodwill for peace!

Women do not need to make the right hand into a fist, but only press the left hand over the right one.

Cup- fist salute

Another commonly used Chinese greeting for peers and equals is the cup-fist salute.

We need to stand straight, put your four fingers together and straighten your palms, and bend your thumbs.

The right hand is fisted, the left palm is pressed against the right fist surface, the left thumb touch slightly the lowest point of your chin, and the distance between the fist palm and the chest is 20-30 cm

The left hand in palm with 4 fingers straight signifies morality, wisdom, physical fitness, and beauty are all ready, and the thumb flexion means humility

The right hand is in fist indicating being a  brave martial arts practitioner