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  • Where to run in Paris

    So, where to run in Paris? first of all, I would think of all the major parks, the Jardin de Luxembourg, Parc Monceau, Parc André Citoyen, Garden of the Louvre, Bois de Boulogne, etc. Here is a list of other possibilities for running in Paris.
  • detox soup 1

    List of ingredients


  • Anti-inlammation foods

    anti-inflammatory foods, spinach, pineapple, cinnamon
  • breakfast or not when losing weight

    whether or not to eat breakfast, if so, what when trying to be lighter&fitter I’ve done some research and read thousands of materials on the matter, of course have been trying different things for breakfast on diet periods. They even exposed different theories on whether to eat breakfast at all, most agreed that we should eat breakfast but I have felt...


  • Pros and Cons of Drinking Lemon Water

    pros and cons of drinking lemon water
  • Knitting and Meditation

    Knitting and meditation, weight loss and writing


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